Assertiveness Training


This workshop is geared towards all those individuals who wish to develop their assertiveness, enabling them to get results quicker and more effectively. From reception to management, if you have an unassertive team member it is likely that either their productivity or their motivation will suffer because of it.

Course Content:

  • The Definition of Assertiveness

Understanding what assertiveness is and what it is not

  • Assertiveness vs. Unassertiveness and Aggression

Identifying behaviours and body language of the above communication styles

  • How Unassertive Behaviour Manifests

Recognising the situations where we tend to be unassertive and how these translate to daily behaviours and habits

  • The Consequences of Not Being Assertive

How being unassertive impacts on career, lives, jobs and those around us

  • How Assertive Behaviour Manifests

The positive results of assertive behaviour

  • Changing Others By Changing Yourself

Recognising your power and sphere of influence

  • Recognising the Choice of Victim or Victor

Finding the positive and the CAN do in the situation

  • Understanding People

Recognising the different personality types and their communication styles

  • Body Language

Reading it, understanding it, using it

  • Techniques for Building Assertiveness

4 basic techniques, Physical, Saying No in Different Ways, Broken Record, DESC, Fogging

  • Criticism

How to give and how to receive

  • Working Towards Good Confidence

Recognising that being more assertive needs continual work and mindfulness

More on this workshop:

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” ~ Winston Churchill

There is no need to change your personality to become more assertive, all you need to do is to ensure that your personality shines through.

Being assertive means that you make yourself heard and that you communicate well. Aggression is the opposite of assertiveness as much as being unassertive is.

At our assertiveness courses, we delve into the reasons for unassertive and aggressive behaviour, understanding ourselves and finally our chosen communication patterns.

This is a life-giving workshop, we recommend it for every person whether in management or not.

If you battle to say no, go over to silent withdrawal or active aggression, this is for you.

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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