Frontline Reception I


This course is designed to upskill receptionists and frontline personnel to be highly professional. All frontline staff such as receptionists, relief receptionists and telephony personnel will benefit from the practical information and approach to this all important position. Outdo your competitors and upskill today.

Course Content:

  • Attitude and Aptitude

How to realise our full potential. What should we expect from ourselves? An exercise in self-assessment

  • Understanding People

Why we relate really well to some people and simply don’t understand others. A module on personality profiling and how to effectively implement the knowledge. We look at this mostly from a client’s perspective

  • First Impressions Last, your environment, your grooming

How to ensure we put our best foot forward, why it is so important and how far reaching the consequences of doing so are

  • Body Language

How important is this form of non-verbal communication?

  • Communication Starts With the Ability to Listen

How this affects our ability to communicate, barriers and methods of overcoming them – how our speech patterns affect our success

  • The Etiquette of Meeting and Greeting

How to be an effective interface between your company and the customer, meeting and greetings concluded through role play where ever possible

  • The Etiquette of Telephonic Liaison

The body of the call, professional speech, voice control, taking of a good message and using the universal alphabet key

  • Effective Communication Skills

Ensuring information is offered and received in an effective manner. Universally accepted methodologies. Dealing with difficult clients

  • Exceeding Expectations

Explaining the difference between good enough and best
What is a professional receptionist

  • Solidifying My Role as “Director of First Impressions”

Contacting your company must be a pleasant and satisfying experience – how to ensure this image is portrayed to your customers

  • A Comprehensive List of Information for Professional Receptionists

Relevant information at your fingertips

  • What Procedures Should You Have?

The smooth running of the professional reception portfolio

More on this workshop:

Politeness is to human nature what warmth is to wax. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

At Staff Training we believe that every individual in the organisation should be held accountable for their performance.

We also believe that receptionists have a very large responsibility on their shoulders. The majority of contact made with any company starts with the receptionist and the way that a receptionist treats our clients or prospective clients can make or break a company.

Frontline training not only reinforces this concept, but also gives the delegates the means to deal with the daily demands placed on them.

It is our experience that too many receptionists are simply placed in this highly demanding job and whilst they learn to perform it competently, reception excellence is not reached until they are exposed to some formal training.

Our main focus for Frontline I is on the telephonic and face to face aspect of receptionist training.

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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