Frontline Service and Upselling


To inform frontline and service or sales counter delegates on how to provide superior service in an in-house sales orientated environment, maximizing customer care in the interest of gaining customer loyalty. This frontline service and upselling course is highly practical and the workshop is highly generic catering for all industries.

Course Content:

  • Attitude and Aptitude

What it is all about. How to maintain a good attitude in times of stress

  • Determining Your Personal Vision

Identifying what it is that motivates you and identifying how much of that the client actually provides – a highly motivational module

  • Customers – their expectations

What do clients expect from us?

  • Emotional vs. Necessary Purchase

Identifying the different buying attitudes and the different techniques one can use to encourage more spending

  • DISC Approach from an Upselling Perspective

How to sell to which personality type

  • Simple Actions – Huge returns

Do sweat the small stuff when it comes to customer care

  • Major Do’s and Don’ts

Understanding our multicultural society

  • Practical Tools for Dealing with both Easy and Difficult Clients

Communication tools to ensure that we are getting the full story across

  • Ensuring the Referral

Small but effective ways to get your clients to be your best sales people

More on this workshop:

The duration of this seminar is 1 day(s).

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