Telephonic Skills Quiz

Are your telephonic skills professional enough?

Take this quick ten question quiz to find out!



Do you manage to answer the call within two rings at the most?
When answering the phone do you provide your own name as well as the company's name?
Do you follow-up to see if your colleagues do indeed return the calls that you have asked them to?
Do you have a phonetic alphabet key that you use to help spell names and email addresses over the phone?
Do you make a point of answering the phone with a smile?
Do you offer alternative solutions to the caller if you cannot provide what they need?
Do you have a well-organised desk, including telephone numbers of all suppliers, extension users, etc.?
Do you know who your company's competitors are?
Are you able to name your industry watchdogs (the organisations that govern how you do business)?
Do you enunciate (sound out words) clearly?